Welcome Vizicsacsi

Welcome Vizicsacsi

After our disappointing last-place finish in the 2022 Spring Split, we have already made some significant changes to our roster with the departure of Zanzarah, WhiteKnight, and promisq.

This means that when the 2022 LEC Summer Split begins, it will be with a line-up consisting of some new faces in the Astralis jersey.

Today, we announce the first player of our revamped roster with the addition of "Vizicsacsi" Tamás Kiss as the new toplaner for our LEC team. Vizicsacsi is a veteran toplaner with an already well-accomplished career, including numerous LEC playoffs and Worlds appearances.

Bjørn Hansen, Coach, League of Legends

- Looking at the players we have in our roster already and the ones we have looked at in our scouting process, we knew we wanted a toplaner that is extremely reliable and knows how to play sidelane.

- By adding Vizicsacsi to the team, we have a veteran player that understands what his role is on the team and can create an impact in team fights regardless of how many resources he is allocated. He has already shown incredible motivation - both on and off the rift - and has played at a high level for so long that he instinctively knows what to do in high-pressure situations.

- Furthermore, Vizicsacsi has a remarkable ability to give confidence to his teammates and push the team forward to make sure that we are set up for success, says Hansen.

"Vizicsacsi" joins Astralis on a transfer from Team GO, where he played as a toplaner in the LFL. He has previously played for teams such as Splyce, Schalke 04, and Unicorns of Love. Vizicsacsi will have his debut as an Astralis player in the first match of the Summer Split. Starting date is still to be announced.