WePlay is live!

WePlay is live!

WePlay Season 6 is live, and we're more than ready to grab the trophy!

WePlay Esports hosts tournaments in various video games, and since the first WePlay CS:GO tournament in 2019, we have been participating and have had some decent results. Last time around, we finished 4th, but this time around, we strive to win!

The tournament runs from October 12 - November 20, and for the first few weeks, we will be playing against six other teams in Group B in Bo1 matches. The 1st place team of each group advance to the Playoffs, and the 2nd to 4th place teams from each group advance to the Play-In-Stage.

In the Play-In-Stage, all matches are Bo3 and follow a Single-Elimination gauntlet. The top 2 teams advance to the Playoffs.

As of now, this is the Group B standings:

The Playoffs follow a Double-Elimination bracket with all matches being Bo3 - including the Grand Final, where the 1st place team grabs the most significant chunk of the $100.000 prize pool.

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