Winners of Best Partner Activation

Winners of Best Partner Activation

On behalf of the organization, Partnership Managers Anders Drost and Mikkel Schiott received the SPOT:ON Activation award in the category "gaming and esports" on Friday, November 4, for the Velux campaign "Daylight and Fresh Air."

The case is based on a detailed insight into gaming and esports, where the focus is on the indoor climate. Most of us are probably familiar with the closed door, dark room, and condensed air when one finally dares to open the door in the basement room.

VELUX had a goal of being relevant to everyone, and the literal confinement of the corona era, a collaboration between Astralis and VELUX, was made. Here, VELUX's core values, ​​"Daylight and Fresh Air," could be spread to gamers.

The partnership was activated by credibly communicating the importance of daylight and fresh air in the gaming target group. It makes a difference for the athletes, and they can achieve better results with regular daylight and fresh air. In this way, VELUX and Astralis created increased awareness in a difficult-to-reach target group.

The new partnership has already produced great results and supported VELUX's global communication.

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