Astralis promotes daylight and fresh air to gamers with VELUX Group

Astralis promotes daylight and fresh air to gamers with VELUX Group
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A healthy indoor climate is crucial for anybody working or spending a lot of time inside. For gamers, daylight and fresh air during breaks can be the difference between winning and losing the final round of the game with friends or the grand final in a major tournament. That is why Astralis and VELUX Group are working together to provide all kinds of gamers with exactly that: Daylight and fresh air.

You don’t always see it on the broadcast; however, when top esports teams have finished a map, they often go outside the arena or gaming studio to talk while refueling their bodies and minds with fresh air. It improves their ability to focus, communicate clearly and keep the important mental balance. The same should go for any gamer, casual or professional, who wants to boost their performance.

This is the background for a new explorative partnership between esports giant Astralis and VELUX Group, a world-leading manufacturer of roof windows, skylights, and related products.

Anton Kragh Lauritzen, Senior Manager, Experience Marketing, VELUX Group:

- Gaming is for everybody, and contrary to assumptions, it is incredibly diverse in age and gender. It’s a fun, social activity, but it is also a competition where you want to do well, whether a professional or a casual gamer. A healthy indoor climate is crucial to anybody spending a lot of time inside, and this is where VELUX comes in. A gamer needs to shut out light when it’s game on, but daylight and fresh air are very crucial in recovery for the next game.

- That is why we have decided to explore the potential of bringing the VELUX brand promise and business closer to our target groups through gaming, together with Astralis.

- We want to show that indoor climate makes a difference, that exposure to daylight and fresh air is not just healthy but also enables you to boost your performance. Optimizing your gaming space can be key to becoming better at what you love, and through this explorative partnership with one of the most well-known performance teams in esports, we want to demonstrate how VELUX can be a game-changer, says Anton Kragh Lauritzen.

Kasper Sindt, Commercial Director of Astralis:

- From our years of work with performance optimization in Astralis, we have experienced first-hand how physical and mental balance is key to progress for our teams and players. To reach the highest levels, you need to focus not just on what’s going on inside the game but very much on how you facilitate the best possible conditions for your teams.

- That is why we started a dialogue with VELUX, which might not be the first brand you think of in relation to gaming, but in many ways, their brand promise is relevant and a natural fit for any gamer, professional or casual.

- One way our players will feel the effects of this is through a renewed focus on air quality in all our gaming rooms, training areas, and office environments, where we will track the air quality with AirBird®, an indoor climate sensor. For fans and gamers, we’re launching a big competition where the first prize is a complete renovation of the winner’s gaming space to showcase how much you can up your game with the right equipment in the optimal environment.

- We look forward to rolling this out with VELUX and hope it can be an inspiration and a reminder to gamers everywhere that fresh air and daylight are not just good for your general health – it also helps you win that next round, Kasper Sindt says.

The competition will be launched internationally in all VELUX markets on 11 April in celebration of the Astralis and VELUX Group explorative partnership.

Astralis and VELUX Group agree not to disclose the financial details of the agreement.

On April 3rd, VELUX held an employee day at Astralis home in Astralis Nexus. See how it went below:

Danish YouTuber Judex guested the employee day and took selfies with the guests
The younger guests competed in Minecraft
Big smiles in Astralis Nexus' Gaminghub
VELUX' new demo station in use
Fun with the newest VR-equipment