Astralis Talent: Transfer Deal For Lucas ”Gnøffe” Brunsvig

August 26, 2021
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Astralis Talent, Ambush Esport, and Lucas ”Gnøffe” Brunsvig have agreed on a deal, sending Gnøffe to esports team Ambush immediately.

The deal includes a time-limited right for Astralis to purchase Gnøffe back and a potential future sale commission.

Dennis Vang, Head of Talent in Counter-Strike:

- This is a great deal for all parties. Ambush will get a player with untapped potential, and Gnøffe will get a spot on the primary team, which we could not offer him. We at Astralis will follow his development and possibly transfer him back if things develop as we all hope.

Lucas 'Gnøffe' Brunsvig:

I'm thrilled to be a part of Astralis, but I need more playtime right now. Ambush can offer me just that, and with this deal, I'm not limiting myself while still being able to hone my skills in my tempo.