br0: "I Never Stopped Believing"

April 23, 2024

In a star-studded Danish lineup, Alexander "br0" Bro may not be the biggest icon in terms of Counter-Strike renown. Still, he certainly has an outgoing persona that can rival even the most experienced legends in the game. Fortunately, this is equally true of 21-year-old talents' promising level on the server.

The return of br0, a former Talent player, marked one of the significant roster changes for the Main team after missing the historic Major on Danish soil. Just two months in, br0 has already played his first four official matches and participated in his first grand LAN tournament under the Astralis banner. 

He delivered a standout performance in the semi-final against FaZe at IEM Chengdu 2024, leading his team with a 1.04 rating. 

He was particularly impressive in our squad's map win on Ancient, recording an 18-11 K-D, 90.1 ADR, 88.9% KAST, and a 1.56 rating.

His remarkable 1v4 clutch on Ancient during a T-side post-plant situation—where the young lurker demonstrated his level and laser-sharp aim—is definitely worth mentioning.

br0's past three months' stats
  • Rating: 0.99
  • Kills per round: 0.59
  • Headshots: 64.9%
  • Maps played: 29
  • Deaths per round: 0.68
  • Rounds contributed: 72.0%

br0: "I Demonstrated My Worth Abroad in a Tougher Culture"

In this third episode of the brand-new "Get To Know" series, we invited the young gun to Astralis Nexus, the Copenhagen gaming hub, for a chat about his stint in Monte, his ambitions as a Main team player at Astralis, his homecoming to the Danish esports organization where he previously played on the Talent roster, and what he thinks he can bring to our lineup led by the newly crowned Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz.

"The experience I've gained from being in Eastern European Monte largely relates to how the culture considerably differs from Danish culture concerning everything from morals to work ethic. We didn't have a fixed base; we mostly bounced back and forth between Poland and Germany, which required a lot of mental energy," says br0.

"Returning to Astralis, I can bring back the importance of standing on my own two feet and ensuring I take responsibility for what I need to contribute. I've learned that I don't need constant supervision. Being able to help myself has taught me that once I can support myself, I also have the capacity to help others."

"Returning to Astralis is of great importance to me because I initially joined the Talent team with one goal in mind: to make it to the Main team. I had hope and believed that I could one day be promoted. I never stopped believing, although my hope diminished little by little each time there was a roster change in the Main lineup that did not include me. Now, having demonstrated my worth during a stint abroad in Monte within a tougher culture and at a much higher level, it has ultimately paid off," br0 notes.

Breakdown of br0's teams
  • Feb 2024 - Present, Astralis
  • Jul 2023 to Feb 2024, Monte
  • Oct 2022 to Jul 2023, Astralis Talent
  • Won the ESL Challenger Jónkóping 2023 with Monte
  • came 3-4th place ESL Pro League Season 18 
  • came 3-4th place ESL Challenger Atalante 2023

Jan Ø.: In Monte, We've Recognized His Unique Qualities

Jan Ø. Jørgensen, Head of Performance, along with Sports Director Kasper Straube, has been impressed with br0's performance in Monte, which ultimately led the management to take notice of the young Dane.

"His performance in Eastern European Monte has been impressive, particularly in areas we are focused on. I've also had the opportunity to get to know him outside of the server, and we've recognized the unique qualities he brings to the team. This perfectly aligns with our initial discussions and our vision for team structure. He has been recruited to tackle specific tasks for us, demonstrating his suitability for our team."