casle: We need to deepen our map pool

casle: We need to deepen our map pool

The CS:GO main team had a notable run right from the group stage through the playoffs in Brazy Party 2023, ultimately reaching the Grand Final.

An admirable performance on Overpass, however, wasn’t enough and Cloud9 took home the trophy with 2-1 scoreline.

Below, Coach Peter "casle" Ardenskjold shares his analysis of the team's performance at the tournament and he looks forward to IEM Dallas 2023, emphasizing the importance of putting in extra effort during training to address soft spots on specific maps.

- Our match against Cloud9 was decent, with a couple of chances to secure a win. However, numerous personal errors and a few communication issues meant that in the end, we were not able to make it competitive. That is expected when incorporating a new player right before a tournament, but still I did hope for more.

How do you feel about the team's performance throughout the tournament?

- The team's performance in the tournament was decent with great highlights and things we need to fix. Every player had their moments in during the game, and in glimpses everybody proved what they are capable of.

- We take this experience with us as we continue to grow and improve.

What are your thoughts on how the young rifler "Altekz" performed during his first time on the main team?

- Obviously we benefitted greatly from his skills, particularly in individual duels, and overall I think his performance in the tournament was impressive. This was his first time playing an event like this with a couple of opponents from the top 10, so overall, it was a successful experience.

Can you share the team's objectives?

- We are in a position where we need an extra effort from everybody, and the good news is that the group is really putting in the hours. We need to improve on specific maps where we have identified weak spots, and then we need time together.

- Ultimately our goal is to compete for the trophies at major events, but we also need to be real in regards to where we are. On the top level of our performance, I feel we can beat everybody, but we’re not there yet. I think we will see more of our potential in the upcoming competitions, IEM Dallas 2023 and the BLAST Spring Final in Washington, and I think we can create a few surprises.

  • Next up: A lot of hours on the server for everybody on the team.
  • After opening the big gaming event Gamebox Festival in Herning on 26 May, the team is travelling to IEM Dallas 2023, which takes place from May 29th to June 4th.
  • This LAN tournament, taking place in Dallas’ Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, has a prize pool of $250,000 and will involve 16 teams battling it out for the ultimate victory.

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