Checked Out the Easter Egg Yet? Pool Day got a Splashy New Update Alongside 4 Other Community Maps

June 27, 2024
anders funder

Guys, it's time to get nostalgic!

With the latest CS2 update, Valve has released five new community maps, including a cool update to the legendary fy_poolday.

Many of our readers have probably spent countless hours trying to keep up with the chaos and pace around the swimming pool. And now it's time to dip into the classic Pool Day map once again, but this time the community map is only available in Arms Race.

Dive into Nostalgia: Pool Day Gets a Splashy New Update

Have you checked out the Easter egg yet?


A door handle will appear if you open one of the lockers beside the pool.

Press "E" again, and your screen will momentarily turn completely white before transforming into the old-school 1.6 looks.

For those of you who've been dreaming of an Italian wedding, it's now possible to experience that dream virtually by engaging in a Wingman contest in the Italian surroundings of the Memento map (similar to CS's Tuscan map).

Assembly, an airplane manufacturing community map, is also available in Wingman now.

Pool Day got a splashy new update and an Easter Egg for the nostalgic.
Memento and Assembly are now available in Wingman.

Pack your bags and head for the beautiful Santorini

Last but not least, FMPONE, the map designer behind Cache and Season, has just released a new and updated version of his own map from Counter-Strike 1.6: de_Santorini.

Pack your bags and head for the beautiful Santorini—known in Classical Greek as Thera. This island in the southern Aegean Sea is now available in casual and deathmatch modes.

You can also battle through the Dutch landscape in the map Mills, available in the same modes.

Put both maps through their paces in competitive matchmaking.

Fight your way through the streets of Thera and Mills in Deathmatch and Casual, and put both maps through their paces in Competitive Matchmaking.