Get To Know dev1ce: Implementing Our New System in the Present Lineup Has Been Easier

May 1, 2024
anders funder

The 28-year-old star AWPer and team leader has impressed everyone with his recent successful stints at IEM Chengdu and ESL Pro League S19. 

Our Main team has been nearly unstoppable, and personally, dev1ce has proven skeptics wrong by demonstrating that it is possible to both call the shots and excel as the main AWPer.

At the ESL Pro League group stage, S19, dev1ce was, once again, undefeated as IGL and secured a spot in the playoffs in Malta without dropping a single map.

  • Against FaZe, dev1ce scored a rating of 1.06 and had the most AWP kills (16)
  • Against Eternal Fire, dev1ce scored a rating of 1.25 and had the most AWP kills (11)
  • Against 3DMAX, dev1ce scored a rating of 1.71 and had the most AWP kills (16)
dev1ce: "We produce much more chaos now, which we really thrive in"

"Much has changed tactically since the failed RMR. We're not playing the same way and are taking on completely different roles. jabbi has been appointed a new role on the T-side, and stavn has taken on new roles on both the CT and T-sides," says dev1ce.

"The system that jabbi and stavn played at Heroic with cadiaN as IGL has been easier to implement with our current lineup, where players can position themselves well and together create more game-changing situations on the server. We can produce more chaos now, which we really thrive in."

"Tactically, without delving too deeply into details, things have changed a lot. It's obviously very different without blameF on the team. He was a huge energy boost and took up a lot of space on TeamSpeak—in a good way. He was always ready and always gave 100 percent. Of course, it's been an adjustment in that regard. But as for the new roles on the team, I personally think there's more balance now. Yes, players are taking the positions they prefer now, rather than having to compromise too much," the new IGL states.