First Lan in 2023

First Lan in 2023
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On January 19, our BLAST Premier Spring Groups participation kicks off with our first match against Vitality.

There are numerous reasons to be excited about the tournament. To begin with, our latest addition to the team, Christian Møss "Buzz" Andersen, will play his first Tier 1 tournament for Astralis.

My goal is to prove that I am good enough to play at this level - Buzz

Although the team haven't had much time to prepare, Christian 'Buzz' Andersen is positive about their time together:

- I feel good about the work we have done. We have worked hard and gotten a lot out of the time we've had to practice.

- it'll be exciting to play in a Tier 1 tournament, but I feel well-prepared and confident. I'm definitely excited about the game, and we'll see how it goes. I'm ready.

Buzz and blameF during team practice

- My goal is to prove that I am good enough to play at this level and to demonstrate everything we've been working on at practice.

- In terms of the result, my goal is to win the tournament, but I would also be satisfied with advancing to the Spring Final since we haven't had that much time to practice.

In addition to being Buzz's first Tier 1 tournament for Astralis, the BLAST Premier Spring Groups will be dev1ce's first LAN-tournament since his return to the roster.

Our first match will be against Vitality, where former Astralis members, dupreeh, Magisk, and zonic now play. It's an exciting match-up with dev1ce back in the Astralis roster, as all six members of the historic four times Major-winning Astralis roster will be playing on the same server.

You can read more about that and our group here.

We can't wait to get started and witness Buzz and dev1ce back in action! Remember to tune in and support us on Thursday, January 19 at 18.30 CET.