Get Behind the Scenes: The Jersey, The Shoot, The Launch Party

June 26, 2024
anders funder

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been since we released our new limited-edition player jersey, made in collaboration with our main partner, hummel, and the up-and-coming Danish streetwear brand SAUNA.

The reception of this unique collaboration and bordeaux-golden jersey has been through the roof!

If you're curious about the jersey's creation and the buildup to the grand digital launch and release party, check out our brand-new Astralis Mini Doc.

It covers all the excitement, from the photoshoot at GAME Streetmekka in Copenhagen to the exclusive pre-launch party and the meet-and-greet release party at Astralis Nexus.

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of the making of this jersey, watch the players in action at the photo shoot, and hear the strategic thoughts from our commercial team as they passionately discuss the project and the effort that went into this creation.

Last Chance to Get the New Player Jersey

IEM Cologne is the last LAN event where our Main team will sport the new jersey, but there's still time for you to snag one of these unique creations from the Astralis x hummel x SAUNA collab.

Head over to SAUNA's webshop today and grab yours!

Snaps from the Streetmekka Photoshoot

Homage to the Classics

Since the birth of the organization in 2016, Astralis has been known for challenging the existing and setting new standards for the professionalization of esports.

This limited summer edition of the iconic Astralis players' jersey celebrates esports' impact on street and youth culture. It is designed not just for the grand arenas of esports but also for the vibrant music festivals, the serene beach outings, the cozy local wine bars, and even your everyday adventures.

The bordeaux rouge color is new in the Astralis universe, but the connection to the team's royal blue jerseys and the classic red star in the logo is evident.

The timeless collar pays homage to some of the greatest designs in traditional sports, and for the first time, the jersey bears a number on the back: 16, representing the year of Astralis' foundation.

Head over to SAUNA's webshop today and grab yours!

Weekend Pre-Launch Party at Nexus