Get Ready For Elisa Masters Espoo 2022

Get Ready For Elisa Masters Espoo 2022

We've traveled to Espoo in Finland to compete in a $200,000 tournament.

Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 is the name and is ongoing between November 16th and November 20th, with twelve teams battling for a combined prize pool of $200,000.

It is a short competition, where the Group Stage lasts two days, with each group concluding in one day in a best-of-one Round Robin format.

The top three from each group are qualified for the Playoffs, and in addition, there's a Semi-Final spot awaiting the first-place team in the group.

Best-of-three, Single Elimination is the format being used during the Playoffs. The Grand Final is being played on Sunday, November 20th at 18:00 CET.

We are playing our first match in Group B on November 17th at 11:30 CET against SAW.

Our newly returned AWP player, dev1ce, didn't travel with us to Finland, but fortunately, Kristoffer "kristou" Aamand from Astralis Talent was ready to step in.

With Group A already concluded, the Group Stage looks like this:

Group A

  • Sprout - 12 points
  • ENCE - 12 points
  • BIG - 9 points
  • HEET - 6 points
  • GamerLegion - 6 points
  • HAVU - 0 points

Group B

  • Astralis
  • fnatic
  • Complexity
  • Bad News Eagles
  • SAW
  • 500

Tournament Information:

Tournament: Elisa Masters Espoo 2022
Prize pool: $200,000
Dates: November 16th - November 20th, 2022
Format: Group Stage - Round-robin Bo1 / Playoffs - Single Elimination Bo3

Astralis' schedule on November 17th (CET):

  • 11:30 - vs. SAW
  • 13:00 - vs. Bad News Eagles
  • 16:00 - vs. fnatic
  • 17:30 - vs. 500
  • 19:00 - vs. Complexity

The Astralis-roster for Elisa Masters:

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