Stephanie "Teca": Proud to extend my contract

September 11, 2023

Astralis and Stephanie "Teca" Luana da Silva Santos have agreed to a contract extension, securing the Brazilian unofficial FIFA women's world champion another year as a player and ambassador for diversity and inclusivity in esports and gaming with Astralis.

Stephanie "Teca" shares:

- I truly feel privileged to be part of Astralis, an organization that champions diversity in gaming and promotes positive values across traditional boundaries. To me, Astralis is like a family, and it's wonderful to collaborate with all the people I've encountered in the organization.

- Being a part of Astralis has allowed me to attend several significant events where I've met fans, prominent figures in the industry, sports stars, and individuals from all walks of life who share an interest in gaming and the values that Astralis represents. Whether it was the grand Gamebox Festival in Denmark, the Olympics Esports Week in Singapore—where I represented Astralis in a major panel discussion about diversity and inclusivity in gaming—the iconic Brazil Game Show, or the Big Festival, I have always been greeted with respect and affection.

- Whenever I mention that I'm an Astralis player, the reactions I get are along the lines of "wow, that's awesome", "you play for one of the most prominent brands in esports", or "you work with the CSGO champions". The majority are aware of what Astralis stands for. Experiencing the widespread love for Astralis, no matter where I am in the world, is truly special to me.

- I am eagerly anticipating EA FC24 and the continuation of my journey wearing the Astralis jersey. It fills me with pride, and I fervently hope that I can make all the fans proud as well.

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