Straube reflects on intense spring: "We are in a unique position compared to many other top teams"

June 20, 2024
anders funder

It's been a crazy six months! Full of twists and turns, highs and lows, and significant changes to our Main team.

The European RMR failure and missing out on the Copenhagen Major were definitely low points, but recent positive results bring fresh air to Astralis.

With Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz as the newly appointed in-game leader of the Main team, our new lineup has made it to five consecutive playoffs, including four semifinals.

Although we're still chasing that long-awaited final, the groundwork is solid, and recent performances are promising.

Straube: "I've seen a unique group having fun, working hard, and pushing each other to the limit. These are the key ingredients for taking a team to the next level"

The BLAST Premier Spring Final in London didn't end as dev1ce and Co. had hoped, but overall, the past three months have been a great success. The players can now take a well-deserved break to recharge their batteries before IEM Cologne 2024.

With the player break coming up, Frederik "ministerN" Brandt seized the opportunity to get sports director Kasper Straube LIVE on Astralis Wath for an exclusive interview.

Straube discussed and analyzed the entire spring season for our Main, Talent, and Women's teams.

If you're up for the challenge of watching this exclusive Danish interview (or if you're ready to speedrun Duolingo!), you can catch the full interview right here.

Straube: We have a unique group that works hard, has fun, and pushes each other to be their best

Straube: "Missing the first CS2 Major, especially on home turf in Copenhagen, was a huge disappointment for all of us. It was a dream for the entire organization, but we couldn't rise to the occasion then."

"Despite the challenges, we should have qualified given our talent. After the Major, and with the addition of br0 (Alexander Bro) and some internal changes, I'm satisfied. We have a unique group that works hard, has fun, and pushes each other to be their best. These are crucial for moving the team forward."

Map win stats (last three months)
  • Overpass: 100.0%
  • Ancient: 77.8%
  • Vertigo: 75.0%
  • Mirage: 66.7%
  • Nuke: 63.6%
  • Inferno: 50.0%
  • Dust2: 40.0%

Sports director proud of new playstyle

Straube: "I'm pleased that we've developed a high-quality game identity following an intense month of training while others were at the Major. We've also established ourselves as consistent playoff contenders in the tournaments we've participated in. Our disappointing Major results put us behind the eight ball with rankings and seedings, but we've climbed the rankings since the first tournament in Chengdu. Being at the top of the rankings gives us great opportunities when the season resumes in July."

"Since br0 and Casper 'ruggah' Due joined, we've hit many of our goals. We've created a playstyle we're proud of, and the team has grown both as players and as people. After the summer break, we'll set new, bigger goals and further develop our identity on and off the server."

"We're in a unique position compared to many other top CS teams. We trust each other – players, coaches, and staff – and with the pieces we have, we can achieve great results through consistency and hard work."

Player stats (last three months)
  • K-D Diff: +94
  • K/D: 1.14
  • Rating 2.0: 1.21
  • K-D Diff: +158
  • K/D: 1.28
  • Rating 2.0: 1.19
  • K-D Diff: +117
  • K/D: 1.19
  • Rating 2.0: 1.16
  • K-D Diff: +17
  • K/D: 1.03
  • Rating 2.0: 1.09
  • K-D Diff: +1
  • K/D: 1.00
  • Rating 2.0: 1.05