The only overview you need

The only overview you need

Hi #AstralisFamily, welcome to the official overview of our upcoming games across our teams.


After swapping in Altekz in our support role, the team is preparing for the online tournament, Braze Party 2023


April 26 | Braze Party 2023

Altekz and Xyp9x to Switch Roles in the Upcoming Matches


LEC Spring has come to an end for our League of Legends team after losing against Vitality in the final match before playoffs. The team is now preparing for the upcoming LEC Summer Split

Reflecting on LEC Spring


ESL Impact League Season 3 has finished, after five matches in our group. Next up is the LAN tournament at Gamebox 2023.

Not Enough Impact In The League


Xyp9x plays his first match for the talent team in European Pro Series Season 7, where they face off PROSPECTS in the semi-final.


April 19, 12:30 CEST | vs. PROSPECTS | European Pro League Season 7