Three Players Dominating the Top 5 Ratings of Asia Championships

Three Players Dominating the Top 5 Ratings of Asia Championships

With the conclusion of the CS Asia Championships 2023, it is time to look back on some of the stats that came with an impressive run that ended in an exciting Semi-final against MOUZ.

Despite losing in the Semi-final, there are many positives to take home, such as the fact that not one, not two, but three of the main team players were among the top five highest-rated players of the entire tournament.

IGL Dominance

From the get-go, Benjamin "blameF" once again demonstrated his skills. In all three rounds against Lynn Vision, ENCE, and MOUZ, respectively, blameF ended with notably high ratings:

  • 2.27 (Lynn Vision)
  • 1.40 (ENCE)
  • 1.12 (MOUZ)
K/D diff: 
  • +19 (Lynn Vision)
  • +18 (Ence)
  • +4 (MOUZ

blameF also amounted the highest overall ADR of ALL the players in Astralis' matches with an ADR of 124.8 against Lynn Vision!

Staehr-way to Heaven

Victor "Staehr" Staehr truly demonstrated his prowess as he rose to new heights in Asia! 

As the #5 highest rated player of the entire tournament, Staehr, of course, also has some great numbers that should be highlighted:

  • ‍1.62 (Lynn Vision)
  • 1.36 (ENCE)
  • 1.07 (MOUZ)
Staehr vs. ENCE
  • Most kills: 41
  • Highest ADR: 91.2
  • Most assists: 16

Staehr was phenomenal throughout the entire tournament and was subject to numerous highlights, such as his 'USP one bullet, two kills' highlight that you can read more about here.

Dominant dev1ce

It should come as no surprise that Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz is among the top rated players once again.

That dev1ce is rock solid is an understatement, and his impact in Asia earned him a spot as the #3 highest-rated player of the tournament!

  • 1.41 (Lynn Vision)
  • 1.26 (ENCE)
  • 1.31 (MOUZ)
dev1ce vs. Lynn Vision:
  • Most AWP kills: 10
  • Most first kills: 4
dev1ce vs. MOUZ:
  • Most AWP kills: 21
  • Most first kills: 10

Despite not earning top-five ratings, both Christian "Buzz" Andersen and Johannes "b0RUP" Borup were indispensable in Astralis' run.

Both players had great games with positive ratings, positive K/D diffs., most assists, etc.