Close But No Cigar

Close But No Cigar

The Semi-Final became our final destination in Elisa Masters Espoo 2022 following a 2-0 deficit against fnatic.

Tight maps have been a recurring theme for Astralis in Finland. 19-16 vs. BNE, 19-17 vs. Complexity, and 22-20 vs. ENCE in our 2-1 victory, are all results that proves just that.

Our Semi-Final clash against fnatic was no different.

Before heading into the exciting second map, we picked Mirage as the first map, which unfortunately got less intense than we had hoped.

Four rounds on our T-side at half-time required an almost flawless CT side.

The players adjusted their mindset and started by winning five out of the first six rounds.

Unfortunately, we couldn't complete the comeback, and the map ended 9-16 in the opponent's favor.

On fnatic's map pick, Overpass, we definitely proved our worth.

With the first half going back and forth, it ended 7-8 as we now switched to the T-side.

After already reaching 13 frags in the first 15 rounds, blameF kept going in the right direction.

fnatic pushed back at the start of the second half, but in round 20, blameF pulled off a marvelous 1v3 clutch towards the B site, making the score 11-9.

Thirty rounds weren't enough, as the match was concluded in overtime. Despite a great effort, our athletes didn't bring it to a third map, resulting in a 16-19 loss.

Although we didn't make it to the final, blameF became the top-rated player throughout the entire tournament with a 1.34 rating.

As of now, this was the main team's last tournament of 2022. Thank you for all of the support this year! We are looking forward to a great 2023.